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5 Best Inspiration of The Types of Aquascape

5 Best Inspiration of The Types of Aquascape

As an aquatic garden, aquascape gives a gorgeous touch for your tank. However, not just a piece of art, aquascape also a space to make the fishes feel like they are living in their natural habitat. Besides, it can be used as a place for tiny fish to breed, deliver the eggs, or as a protector from the bigger fish.

That is the reason why you need to install the proper aquascape to your tank, that is comfortable enough for the fishes. You cannot just put the plants, woods, and stones. Either you shall consult with the professional or you can search for the types of aquascapes that can be applied to your tank. Curious on what types of aquascape that can be applied to your tank? Here they are:

1. Iwagumi Style
Found by the Father of Aquascape Takashi Iwagumi, the aquascape style look so simple. Not too many ornaments there and the aquascape focuses on the placement of three stones. The biggest stone is called the father stone, while two secondary stones have the smaller size. Considering the scale is important in the Iwagumi style, add small fish to enhance this escalation.

2. Taiwanese Style
If Iwagumi style is quite minimalist, the Taiwanese Style is the opposite. The Taiwanese Style is inspired by the mainland. Taiwanese style intends to make the tank become similar to the human world architecture. That is why you can see the ornaments like statues, the bridge, and little house in the Taiwanese aquascape. However, if you already put those ornaments, don't put too many rocks so that you think won't become too stuffy and narrow.

3. Dutch style
Both Iwagumi and Taiwanese style focus on the artificial ornament. Different from that, the Dutch style focuses on the plants. So, in the aquascape with the Dutch Style, you will see any kind of plants with different colors, that make the aquascape looks like a flowered garden. But remember, you cannot put the plants carelessly, otherwise your tank will look like a mess

4. Jungle aquarium style
Like the Dutch style, the jungle aquarium style focuses on the plants as the materials to make the aquascape. But, different from the jungle aquarium style, the plants’ color on the jungle aquarium style is more monotonous. Usually, this type of aquascape use the plants in green colors. Not only the plants, there is also the touch of the woods, so that the aquascape will resemble the jungle.  And since the plants in the jungle aquarium style are easy to grow, don’t forget to trim them regularly.

What are the best types of aquascape? Actually, all of them has the pros and the cons, and to decide which one is the best actually depends on your taste.


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