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Aquarium Type for Maintenance of Arowana Fish

Aquarium Type for Maintenance of Arowana Fish

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Having complete equipment in the aquarium for Arowana is a must. Find out other requirements for the maintenance of Arowana fish.

Even though Arowana fish is somewhat difficult to take care of, this fish still becomes one of the most favorite fish amongst the aquarists to pet. You need to know the best fit aquarium for Arowana. Choosing the right aquarium is recommended because Arowana fish has a slender and long body. Here are the requirements for the appropriate aquarium type for maintenance of Arowana fish.

       1.      The spacious aquarium
The larger the aquarium for Arowana is, the better the aquarium will be. You better provide the aquarium with 3 times length of the size of Arowana that you are going to maintain so that your fish can swim freely.

       2.      Aquarium Material
If you select the aquarium for Arowana fish, select the reliable and strong material. The materials from glass and acrylic are more reliable and resistant regarding discoloration, scratches, and water pressure compared to the plastic one.

       3.      The Lid
Another requirement for the aquarium for Arowana is the aquarium should be covered with the secure lid. As the Arowana likes jumping out of the water, you need to cover the aquarium with highly qualified and strong lid. The lid also enables to prevent the evaporation that leads to the increase of stayed minerals in the water.

      4.      Location
You should consider the location to put the aquarium for Arowana. The place should be flat. Furthermore, you need to stay your aquarium away from the heating device or direct sunlight because this fish tends to be stressful. In result, the fish jumps out of the aquarium and injure itself. It is advisable to place the aquarium in the quiet atmosphere.

       5.      Complete Equipment
Aquarium for Arowana should be completed with all equipment such as the aerator, heater and thermometer, filter, and fluorescent lamp. Each of the equipment has its function. The aerator is used to supply the air to the water in the aquarium and vaporize the remains of the burning out from the aquarium, while heater and thermometer take control the temperature if the water temperature is suddenly dropped. The function of the filter is to filter the water in the aquarium so that the water keeps clean. Last, the fluorescent lamp is used to emit the light and beautify the appearance of your Arowana aquarium.

Maintaining Arowana fish is no longer difficult if you know the appropriate type of aquarium for Arowana.



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