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Easy Steps for A Successful Betta Fish Spawning

Easy Steps for A Successful Betta Fish Spawning

Many people are crazy about betta fish since it has an appealing color that could attract people’s eyes. Moreover, this tropical fish is considered easy to care as it could live in a small aquarium and even a jar with a minimum oxygen supply.

If you are one of the betta's lovers or someone who is interested in selling it on a local pet store, you may want to breed it by yourselves to multiply it. However, one breeding could produce hundreds of fries. Spawning betta fish is not something that can be taken lightly.

Don’t forget that betta is a fighting fish.  The male hurts the female betta is possible to happen when you put them together. This fact will bring you to a serious problem unless you know how to handle it. Follow these steps for a successful Betta spawning.

      1.     Find the best male and female betta fish.
The male betta is usually small, long, and aggressive, while the female is slower and has rounder and fatter body. You also can guess the gender from its color. The male color is brighter and more attractive than the females. A good male for the breeding is one that aged about 4—8 month, and the minimum female age is 3—4 month.

      2.     Prepare the breeding tank.
Prepare one small aquarium in size 20x20x20 cm and one jar to put the female.

      3.     Fill the aquarium with water and some water plant.
The proper water depth is 10—15 cm and the best warm is around 27° C. The water plant functions as a hiding place for the eggs.  

      4.     Put the male betta into the aquarium.
Put male betta and the female in the aquarium. But, you should separate them with a glass as a divider.  At this time, they will try to know each other. The male betta will build a large bubble nest if it is attracted to the female.

      5.     Remove the divider
After two days, remove the divider and let the breeding process start. After the female produces the eggs, take it, and put the mother in the separate jar so it will not eat the eggs. The one that responsible for the eggs is the male.

      6.     Take the male betta
After one night, the eggs will become fry. Wait until two weeks and separate the male from the fry. You could feed them this time.
Those are the ways to spawn Betta fish. Hopefully, you can be a successful Betta breeder. Good luck!



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