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Five Steps to Spawn Discus Fish

Five Steps to Spawn Discus Fish

Having discus fish spawned is quite challenging. It will be more challenging for the newbie tropical fish aquarist. It takes time and patience to succeed. The failure may happen at the first time you try to spawn this living creature. Once you succeed, it will be easier for you to handle the process of spawning. Here are some tips to spawn the discus fish briefly.

1.      Selecting and Limiting the Number of Pairs
As the newbie, you need to purchase the best pair of the discus fish. You can start with several adult discus fish. You can go to the pet shop to purchase them. You can buy two or three pairs for the aquarium.

2.      Preparing the Spacious Tank for Spawning
Discus Fish prefers to have a spacious tank to mate. The recommended spacious tank can hold about 191 liters to 255 liters or 50 to 67 gallons for breeding four to six discus fish. You also need to test the level of pH water condition and remove other fish to another tank.

3.      Providing Food for Spawning the Discus Fish
Discus fish pairs need more varieties of healthy live food and frozen and dried food. By feeding them, they can start to spawn. The food is the hint that the pairs will about to begin the process.

4.      Spawning the Discus Fish
When the pairs of the tropical fish lay the eggs, they will remain on the side of the eggs for certain time. The female discus fish should hatch within 50 and 60 hours after spawning. The fry will take a few days to grow up before they can swim freely. In about 12 hours, the fry will remain stayed with their parents. If you find out that the fish try to eat the eggs, remove the fish soon from the tank. You can follow the instruction of raising the discus fish with or without the parents.

5.      Raising the Discus Fry
The discus fry will swim freely in about four days. It means that the discus fry is a little bit older. You can feed them with live food or frozen food such as brine shrimp or powdered flake food. When the fry reaches 12 weeks, they will reach about 2 inches. 2 inches fry is considered the adult discus fish. You can sell them soon.
Those are brief steps of spawning discus fish. Try those steps carefully. You will be able to spawn and raise them.



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