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Here Are Some Simple Ways to Spawn Guppy Fish

Here Are Some Simple Ways to Spawn Guppy Fish

Guppy originally comes from Northeast South America, but it is now found all over the world except Antarctica. This fish has colorful body decorated with spots and stripes. That is why it is also best known as rainbow fish. Because of its lovely appearance, most people love to put it in the aquarium as an ornament fish.

However, having just a few guppies in the aquarium seems like a bad idea because their size is tiny. Why not breeding them and full your aquarium with more guppies in various colors?  Spawning guppy fish is easy and simple. These steps will help you to go for it.

       1.     Find the right breeding fish
The first thing you should do is finding the male and female guppy. The male is usually smaller and has a brighter color than the female. However, if you want to produce guppies with various colors, select male and female guppy fish which have different and rich color.

       2.     Set up the tank
The next step is preparing the breeding place. For this step, you can either choose an aquarium or even a pail. The large of the media depends on how many guppies you want to breed. Guppy is a kind of fish that can be breed in a colony.
Nevertheless, you cannot full the aquarium with guppies without estimation. One aquarium in size 1x0,5m is ideal to put 30 guppies. Do not forget to put breeding moss as the females could turn into cannibalistic right after they spawn the eggs.

       3.     Separate the male and female guppies
Before breeding them, you should put male and female guppies at different places. Feed them and change the water regularly.

       4.     Put the breeding guppies into the tank
You can put the female guppies first in the morning and the male guppies in the afternoon. The good ratio of the male and female is 1:2. One male for two female guppies. Let them in the same tank for 4—7 days for the breeding process.

       5.     Take the male from the tank
After the breeding process, you can take the male guppies and let the pregnant female guppies give birth in 21—31 days.

       6.     Separate the mother from the fry
After the eggs are born, take the female guppies and care of the fry by feeding them regularly.



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