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Here Are The Tips on How to Care Arowana Fish in Aquarium

Here Are The Tips on How to Care Arowana Fish in Aquarium

Who does not know Arowana fish? This fish has played a big part in Chinese culture and is believed could bring luck and prosperity to the keeper. Besides its historical background, many people tend to keep Arowana as it has beautiful color and shape. This fish looks perfect to be appreciated when they are kept in an aquarium.

There are many kinds of Arowana to care as a pet fish like black Arowana, silver Arowana, Australian arowana, and African Arowana. If you are interested in having one or more to beautify your room, kindly check some tips on how to care this dragon fish.

The aquarium for keeping Arowana

Before buying an Arowana, you should make sure that your aquarium is suitable for this fish type. An ideal length of the tank for Arowana is three times the length of the fish. However, the width should be the same or more with the width of the fish. At this size, Arowana could swim comfortably in the aquarium. The best water temperature is around 27°C-30°C and the PH must at least 7.0.

You should keep the water clean by changing it regularly because this fish will lose its appetite when the water is dirty or smelly. However, you also need to apply a filter to keep your fish in a healthy condition. Arowana loves looking down at its reflection. However, this habit can make its eyes drop. To prevent this, you are suggested to put plants, colored ball, and small stones on the bottom of the aquarium.

Feeding Arowana fish

Arowana fish is categorized carnivorous fish, so live food is preferable. You can feed it with crickets, bloodworms, beef heart, mealworms, and small shrimp. Giving it commercial food occasionally won’t be a problem. The food should be supplied 2—3 times a day. However, you should be careful when giving it live foods. Make sure they do not have parasites that could harm your Arowana's health. In case you see your fish not active and do not want to eat, a virus may infect it. Check it soon so the disease won’t spread larger.
Those are some tips on how to care Arowana fish in an aquarium. However, you can keep more than one Arowana in one tank when they are still young. But, after your fish turn into a big Arowana, it is better for you to keep them in a separate aquarium.  


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