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How to Keep Rainbowfish in The Aquarium

How to Keep Rainbowfish in The Aquarium

Meta-description: Not only beautiful in color, rainbowfish is actually easy to keep in the aquarium

With its peaceful behavior and magnificent color, rainbow fish is one of the fish-hobbyist sweethearts in the aquarium. It also varies in size. A Salmon Red Rainbowfish can grow until 10-15 cm, while a Threadfin Rainbowfish can only reach about 2.5 cm.

Breeding a rainbowfish is also an easy matter. You just have to put the females in the bigger ratios. Still, it can crossbreed with other fish species. And even though the price is quite high compared with other species, rainbow fish maintenance is affordable.

So, if you want your tank to be colorful with this peaceful tiny fish, understand some tips on how to keep rainbowfish in the aquarium

1.    The warm water
Considering that rainbow fish comes from the warm waters of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea, you have to keep the aquarium temperature for about 26 C - 30 C. The warmer the water, the easier for the rainbow fish to breed. It also makes them less-stressed. When they feel happy, they color will look brighter.

2.    Remove the dirt
Do not ever ignore the dirt in your aquarium. The dirt can make the fascinating color of rainbow fish getting dull. Therefore, make sure that you change the water every week. You can change it by wasting 70% of the water and change it with the new one. If you place the aquascape (aquatic garden) inside your tank, make sure that you also clean the ornaments and trim the plants regularly.

3.    Set the right pH
The natural habitat of rainbow fish has an acidic-neutral pH. So, if you decide to take care the rainbow fish, make sure that the water pH is about 6.8 so that they won’t get ill

4.    Ammonia and nitrite
Rainbowfish can live in the water with ammonia and nitrite of zero. So, always make sure that the ammonia and nitric level inside your tank are already 0. You can use the ammonia and nitric test kit to ensure that your tank has the right level of those substances.

5.    Food for the rainbow fish
Since the rainbow fish is an omnivore, feed them with the vegetables and also meets regularly. You can give them the mashed vegetables and shrimp, or the worms eventually. They also like mosquito larva and also flake foods. Vary the foods so they won’t get bored and can succeed their diet also

Those are the step on how to increase the quality of your rainbow fish and make them happier in your aquarium. Happier rainbow fish tend to live longer with the brighter color, so it is important for you to pay attention to how to take care your rainbowfish in the aquarium.


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