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How to Spawn Serpae Tetra Fish

How to Spawn Serpae Tetra Fish

Selecting the pairs for spawning the serpae tetra fish is the first way. Find out the next ways until you can raise the fry here.

Serpae tetra fish (Hyphessobrycon eques), a famous fish for the decorative aquarium, originally comes from the Amazon and Paraguay River basin. This freshwater creature becomes many favorite fish breeders because the process of spawning the serpae tetra fish does not require the complicated care. If you are interested in breeding this fish, you can try these following ways for spawning the serpae tetra fish.

       1.      Selecting the pairs
Spawning the serpea tetra fish requires some pairs of healthy adult male and female fish. The pairs should reach the age minimum 8 months to spawn. The female fish will be fatter if they are going to spawn. You also need to choose the males that are the most colorful to spawn.

       2.      Preparing the tank
You need to prepare a small tank for spawning the serpae tetra fish. The preferred size of the tank is about 3 gallons or more. You also need to keep the plants: java moss, myrophyllum, or artificial grass in the aquarium. The purpose is the females can lay the eggs on the grass. The recommended conditions for the environment of the tank for spawning are the temperature should be in between 24 and 27° Celsius with the water pH of 6.8, and the degree of the hardness is about 10. You need to the put the sponge to filter and move the water. Put the females in the tank a week before the spawning attempt.

       3.      Feeding the pairs
In spawning the serpae tetra fish, you need to feed them with the high-quality diets that contain the nutrients such as protein and vitamins. Feed them with the live or frozen foods.

     4.      Spawning
      You can start spawning the serpae tetra fish in groups or pairs. You need to select the small group or a pair and put them into the tank provided. The pairs usually will spawn in the morning, and the female fish will lay approximately 200 eggs on the plants. In about less or more than 24 hours, you will see the eggs hatch.

       5.      Raising the serpae tetra fry
In a week or less, you are going to see the fry swim freely. During the first couple of days, you need to give the fry the food of infusoria that contains a bloom of microorganism. This type of food is suitable for the newly fry. You can feed the fry with microworms and brine shrimps when they are strong enough. Since the mouth of the serpae tetra fish is small, you need to cut the diets into small pieces.

The steps of spawning the serpae tetra fish above are easy to follow. Try them, and you will be able to have and raise a school of the colorful fish.



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