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Knowing 7 Mesmerizing Types of Louhan Fish

Knowing 7 Mesmerizing Types of Louhan Fish

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Louhan fish or commonly known as Flowerhorn is a cross-breeding result of several species of Cichlid. Read on and get to know their types.

Louhan fish or commonly known as Flowerhorn is originally found in Malaysia and Taiwan. Genuinely, louhan is not a native species since it is a cross-breeding result of human to produce a mesmerizing pattern of colors from several species of Cichlid. Therefore, it is called a hybrid fish. As a result, we can find a lot of different types of louhan across the world. Still, the fish can be categorized into distinct varieties. 

       1.     Cencu or Zenzhu/Pearl Louhan
Basically, Cencu is the breed of Trimac Cichlid which is characterized by white pretty mark on its body; thus also called pearl louhan. Cencu are divided into two categories, i.e., classic and modern. The classic cencu commonly has a more dominant bright red color than its white dots. Besides, it has bigger size but a smaller bump on its head, which is in contrast with modern cencu.

       2.     Louhan Kamfa or Golden Flower
This type emerged around 2000 as a result of cross-breeding between Vieja and parrot cichlid. Compared to the other kinds of louhan, Kamfa has wider and more rigid fins. Thus, people can easily recognize this Golden Flower.

       3.     Golden Base or Faders
The golden base is characterized by its unique trait. During the morphing process, the louhan loses the colors of its body and becomes black. The morph can last for a few months, and then their bright colors will return. Genetically this phase comes from its ancestor, Red Devil Cichlid.

       4.     Golden Red
Golden red is marked by a combination of yellow, orange, and red colors which appear after the morph.

       5.     Super Red Texas (SRT)
Coming from Thailand, Super Red Texas is the cross-breed between golden red and louhan texas cichlid. The perfect stage of this type is when SRT can produce red, yellow, orange, or even pink color.

       6.     Rainbow King
Based on its name, this louhan has rainbow colors on its body as a perfect combination of red, yellow, orange and even sometimes blue. Therefore, Rainbow King is popular as a champion on contests.

       7.     Super Red Synspillum (SRS)
Characterized with red-brick color, SRS comes from Thailand with a big visible bump. Also, you can recognize the fish from its red or yellow eyes.

Since louhan fish often match with other louhan types, it makes louhan produce many kinds of patterns. Therefore, it is always possible to get new types of louhan in the future.



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