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Methods on How to Enlarge the Tilapia in the Pond to Produce Maximum Profit

Methods on How to Enlarge the Tilapia in the Pond to Produce Maximum Profit

Tilapia is one of the fish that becomes the favorite farmed fish to breed. You can use the pond to hatch tilapia. Here are two methods on how to enlarge tilapia by using the tilapia fish pond to produce the maximum profit.

Hapa or Net Closures Method

One of the methods to enlarge the harvest tilapia is using ‘hapa’ or net closures in the pond. You can provide a rectangular or square net closure put in around. The purpose of using this method is to manage the growth of the fry efficiently.

Feeding the Fry in the Hapa or Net Closures

You should feed the fry in the hapa of the tilapia fish pond four times a day until the fry reach the certain size (5 g). The diets can be in the form of the pellets or powder at the rate of around 5 up to 10% of the total body weight per day.

Advantages of Using Hapa or Net Closures Method

Some following advantages you will obtain if you use this method.
        -          The production of the fry per unit area is quite high
        -          The fry can be easily managed
        -          Minimum fry looseness and failure
        -          Having the assurance of the same age fry

Open Ponds Method
Many people still often use this open pond method to farm tilapia. This method is familiar and simple to do. You need to have properly constructed the tilapia fish pond that can serve both fry breeding and rearing process. You can hold tilapia for 5 up to 12 months in the pond.

Advantages of Using Open Ponds Method
Some advantages obtained if you hatch these creatures in the open ponds.
       -          Have the natural food around them
       -          Survive in rough natural condition
       -          Have the disease resistance power

Harvesting Tilapia

When the fry reaches 6 up to 12 months, you can start to harvest your farmed tilapia in the pond. Dry the pond. Select the good quality fingerlings. You can sell them to the market or the restaurant or to those who want to start to breed tilapia.
You can use both of two following methods in the tilapia fish pond. Your tilapia will grow and enlarge. When the harvesting time comes, you can earn more profit.


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