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Spawn Koi Fish with These Two Basic Steps

Spawn Koi Fish with These Two Basic Steps

Koi behavior for spawning comes about once a year. Some conditions like water temperature hour duration in a day are required for the spawning. Now, if you want to increase the number of your koi, then these basic steps to spawn koi fish may help.

The Preparations
The season of koi’s breeding carries on from February until May. The temperature of water reaches 20˚ C and koi become visible after the isolation from winter. When you are selecting the variety you want to breed, mind the traits you want to pass over to the koi fry.

Anticipating the genes result of the progenies is hard to ascertain, but the scales, patterns, and colors, are the possible traits to pass over. However, if the mating koi are from a genealogy, nearly all of the traits are unpredictable. A numerous of variations will noticeable from the number of koi which are bred.

It is recommended to choose the healthy koi and also think over their ages and sizes. First, pick the females that are not less than three of four years old and the males in their 3 years old. About the size, the larger females could tolerate the breeding better than the smaller ones.

Time for Breeding
First, you need to give the female koi time for their adaptation to the new habitat—the breeding tank. As she explores their new place, she will be ready for the breeding. The most important thing you should take care of is placing net atop the tank. If you are not, then the aggressiveness of the process may kill your koi.

The female is in readiness if she begins nudging around her spaces. When you notice this habit, place a male. For overnight, they will breed in an energetic approach—shoving, head-butting, and biting is normal. When the female shows signs of tiredness, remove her and then place in the nursery tank. After that, return the male back to his pond.

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