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The Best Type of Louhan Fish Feed

The Best Type of Louhan Fish Feed

Louhan reach its popularity within countries because of the amazing appearance like bright colors and the unique bump on its head. Either breeder or fish hobbyist should know that those colors will be vary related to louhan fish feed because feeding them with unbalance diet will result differently if louhan is fed with nutritious food. There are several types of food which commonly choose to provide them the best nutrition.

      1.     Raw food
Medium to big size of louhan can be fed raw food as available in markets like shrimp, fish fillet, and bloodworms. These foods are able to improve the basic colors of louhan like red, yellow, and orange gradually. Minerals, vitamins, and carotenoids are nutrition which are contained in these meat.
Besides, this seafood can be easily found everywhere so the lack of availability is impossible. Before feeding the fish, these foods need to be chopped in an appropriate size so they can digest easily.

       2.     Frozen food
Louhan fish feed that can be gotten easily besides raw food is frozen food like bloodworms, meat, and any kind of animal-based food. It is not quite different from raw food in forms, but these food are stored on the refrigerator to obtain longer durability. One way to feed the fish is soak them early to soften the foods so that the fish will not get any digestive problems. Similarly, frozen food are rich in minerals and vitamins.

       3.     Dried food
The simplest food for louhan is dried food which is sold everywhere. The option is depend on the necessity of the fish itself from the small to big size. Dried food often called as pellets that potentially contain more nutrition for improve fish’s health since it made from distinct sources of food and combined in one product.

Based on the fish’s age, pellets should be given differently. For instance, small louhan cannot digest the big size of pellets, so that breeders or hobbyist can soak the pellets for a while before put them in an aquarium. Yet, do not forget to clean out the leftover food to maintain the aquarium clean.

Based on those different types of louhan fish feed, there will be positive and negative effects in each. Therefore, both breeder and hobbyist should concern on the diet requirement, frequency, and the combination to gain the best result of color enhancement. Small fish cannot get the equal diet as the big louhan. So does the frequency of feeding time. At least, in order to get a rapid growth, louhan should be fed around two to three times a day with several combination on those several types of raw, frozen and dried food.


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There are several types of food which commonly choose to provide them the best nutrition and gain the best result of color enhancement.


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