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Types of Diseases That Can Attack the Black Neon Tetra Fish

Types of Diseases That Can Attack the Black Neon Tetra Fish

Description: Read this article to determine the disease attacking your Black Neon Tetra fish.  Observe the symptoms to prevent a further outbreak in your aquarium.

Black Neon Tetras diseases are similar to other freshwater fishes commonly have. Recognize the type of disease that attacks the Black Neon Tetra fish to detect and treat the infected fish right away.

Fin Rot

Fin rot is caused by the gram-negative bacteria like Vibrio or Aeromonas which bred in floating food in the aquarium. The infected fish have notable physical symptoms such as jagged fins and white milky color on the edges of its tails and fins. 
Black Neon Tetra fin rot is prevalent. However, it is treatable. Add Melafix and Aquarisol to the infected tank to kill the bacteria causes fin rot. Treat the fish by applying Malachite Green Methylene Blue or Chloramphenicol on the infected area. To prevent fin rot, replace the water in the aquarium frequently.

Cotton Mouth

This disease is caused by bacteria named Flavobacterium columnare. The bacteria grow by consuming organic waste like leftover fish food or fish’s feces. When the bacteria infect the fish’s mouth, it turns into white color and looks like cotton or grayish mold. In particular cases, the fish’s mouth will rot and fall apart.

Like the treatment for fin rot, apply anti-bacterial medication for the infected fish and put bacteria-killer drugs in your tank. Prevent this disease by maintaining high-quality water in the aquarium.

Neon Tetra Disease

Neon Tetra Disease is caused by protozoan named Pleistophora hyphessobryconis. This disease was initially found among neon tetras and is contagious to other species in the community aquarium. There are several commonly identified Neon Tetra Disease symptoms. The color of infected fish will turn into pale white color which is more evident in colorful fishes like Black Neon Tetras. The diseased fish will also show erratic behavior like not swimming with its fellow inhabitants anymore. In some extreme cases, they will also show other infections like fin rot or unusual spine curvature.

Sadly, there is no medicine or treatment to cure the infected fish. The only thing you can do when you spot the symptoms is to remove the diseased fish to separate aquarium to prevent the widespread contamination in your tank. Regularly clean the aquarium so that the protozoan has no chance to develop to avoid this disease.

Those are types of disease that attacks the Black Neon Tetra fish, make sure you notice the symptoms and treat the infected fish with the right method.



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