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how to keep Julidochromis marlieri in an aquarium

how to keep Julidochromis marlieri in an aquarium

fish besides being used as food can also be used as pet fish.

Julidochromis marlieri fish is a type of freshwater fish.

Julidochromis marlieri fish are used as pet fish that are kept in an aquarium.

Julidochromis marlieri fish have interesting shapes and colors so that many fish hobbyists keep them in the aquarium.

There are several things that need to be considered in maintaining Julidochromis marlieri fish in an aquarium, including:

1. aquarium water for raising Julidochromis marlieri fish must have a pH of 8.2.

2. the level of water hardness in the aquarium is 22 H.

3. the temperature of the aquarium water is 28C.

4. the amount of water filled in the aquarium is 100 liters.

5. height of the water in the aquarium that is installed that is equal to 13 cm.

6. in maintaining fish in the aquarium, Julidochromis marlieri fish are fed in the form of dry feed.

7. Julidochromis marlieri fish like environments with moderate lighting levels, so to maintain in the aquarium the lights installed are those that have moderate lighting levels.

8. Fish Julidochromis marlieri is an aggressive fish to maintain this fish requires good treatment.

9. to give the impression of the aquarium with the environment in nature, then we can add rocks to the aquarium.

10. The stones installed on the aquarium will give a beautiful impression so that the aquarium will look attractive.

11. Julidochromis marlieri fish have a habit of swimming below and above the surface of the aquarium water.

in the breeding process Julidochromis marlieri fish breed by laying eggs.

so that the activities of maintaining Julidochromis marlieri fish run smoothly then we need to pay attention to the things that have been described above.


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