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How to spawn Barbus in an aquarium

How to spawn Barbus in an aquarium

Barbus fish originated from the island of Sumatra.

Barbus fish is a type of omnivorous fish.

The temperature of the water used to maintain this fish is 27-30 degrees Celsius.

The pH value of the water used to keep these fish is 6.5 - 7.0. and the level of water hardness between 3-6 dH.

Barbus fish can grow to a maximum length of 8 cm.

This fish has a bright color and is very active in moving. because this fish is actively moving, it needs a lot of oxygen so it is needed sufficient aeration.

male parent fish and female parent fish can be distinguished after the fish are ready to spawn.

male fish body shape slimmer and redder mouth.

fish spawning can be done in an aquarium.

the number of broodstock fish that can be spawned in an aquarium can be one or two pairs of brood fish.

the water used to spawn the fish must be clean.

Aquatic plants such as water hyacinth can be added to the aquarium.

after spawning, the parent fish can be removed from the spawnin…

how to cultivate Rainbowfish

how to cultivate Rainbowfish

Rainbowfish is a type of omnivorous fish. The body length of this fish can reach 7 cm.

Rainbowfish live in groups and if the fish are kept in aquariums in large numbers, it will be beautiful to look at.

The water temperature for raising Rainbowfish in both fish ponds or aquariums is around 25-28 degrees Celsius.

The pH value of the water used to keep these fish is 7-7.5. And for the level of water hardness which is 10-12 dH.

This fish is very beautiful to see because the body color is like a rainbow.

Rainbowfish spawning can be done in fish ponds or in aquariums.

in spawning ponds can be equipped with lush water plants.

the ratio of male and female parent is 1: 4.

when spawning the parent fish will spread its eggs at the root of the plant. Laying fish eggs is usually done in the morning around 6.30.

when it has finished spawning, the parent fish should be taken and the fish eggs left in the spawning container until they hatch.

hatching eggs can also be don…

how to spawn Malabar danio

how to spawn Malabar danio

Malabar danio fish is one type of ornamental fish that has an interesting shape and color.

This fish comes from India and Ceylon. Malabar danio fish included in the type of carnivorous fish.

The water temperature used to maintain Malabar danio fish is in the range of 26-29 degrees Celsius.

in maintenance in a water tank, Malabar danio fish can grow to 15 cm in length.

the difference between male fish and female fish is that female body size is larger and fish body color fades when compared to male fish.

during the spawning process, Malabar danio fish eggs will be placed in the nest. nests for fish spawning can be in the form of aquatic plants.

water plants are stored in containers where Malabar danio fish spawn.

after the spawning process is complete, eggs and Malabar danio fish nests are taken to be hatched in a hatching container.

then after the Malabar danio fish eggs are separated in a hatching container, the eggs will hatch within 2- 3 days.

Malabar dan…

Corydoras fish farming

Corydoras fish farming

Corydoras fish originated from Venezuela, Trinidad. This fish is carnivorous and famous as a fish that likes to clean.

This fish is most happy to be in a place that is less clean and has a habit of cleaning the walls.

the temperature for fish spawning is between 26-28 degrees Celsius.

currently there are already many species that are quite expensive, including corydoras paleatus, corydoras panda.

corydoras fish body length can reach 7 cm. The body of this fish is covered in 2 rows of scales with larger scales called "plates".

His mouth is equipped with a pair of tentacles which are useful as sensors to find food in the dark.

So that corydoras grow well, water for maintenance should have a pH of 7 - 7.5 and a hardness level of 10 dH.

to help its growth should be added to the maintenance of fish ponds added lime.

male parent and female parent can be distinguished from dorsal fins.

in the female parent the dorsal fin is more taper while in the male parent…

How to spawn the fish Serpae tetra

How to spawn the fish Serpae tetra

Serpae tetra fish are fish originating from Paraguay.

Serpae tetra is an omnivorous fish.

Serpae tetra fish body size can reach a maximum body length of about 4 cm.

Serpae tetra fish live in groups.

The environment where spawning Serpae tetra fish should be shaded or slightly dark so that the eggs are not eaten by the parent fish. however there must be a little light entering the maintenance tank, especially in the morning.

the depth of water for spawning of Serpae tetra fish does not have to be too high, only about 15 cm.

the water quality used to maintain Serpae tetra fish must be good, Serpae tetra fish can grow optimally at temperatures of 26-28 C, pH 6-6.5 and water hardness levels 4-7 dH.

for spawning, male and female parent fish can be kept together. in a container area of ​​1 m2 can accommodate 500 brood fish.

the ratio between male fish and female fish is 1: 3-4.

broodstock fed with water lice / Daphnia sp.

female parent fish when ready to s…

Goldfish Spawning

Goldfish Spawning

Goldfish is a fish originating from China.

Goldfish is a type of freshwater fish that is omnivorous. This fish can live and grow well at a temperature of 24-28 C, pH 7 - 7.5 and 12 dH water hardness level.

Goldfish quite a lot of types due to cross-breeding of various colors and body shapes. But there are only two large groups namely Goldfish which have two tail fins and Goldfish which have one tail fin.

Goldfish broodstock to be breeded must be more than five months old. Male parent is characterized by a slimmer body while the female Goldfish parent is fatter body.

before breeding between male and female Goldfish should be kept in separate ponds. Goldfish broodstock that are kept separately should be kept in ponds with a low density, which is about 20 brood fish in 1 M2.

feed given to goldfish brooders in the form of dried feed or blood worms.

after the Goldfish brood is ready for spawning, the broodfish are kept together.

female fish when it will spawn can be marke…