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Some important things in maintaining ornamental fish in the aquarium

Some important things in maintaining ornamental fish in the aquarium

How fish can live and grow well when kept in an aquarium. There are several important things that need to be considered when we keep fish in an aquarium, namely:

- Type of fish
the type of fish to be kept in the aquarium will determine the size of the aquarium to be used.

do not let the types of fish that have a long body size kept in a small aquarium. If the length of the aquarium used to keep fish is limited this will make it difficult for fish to swim.

- Aquarium water volume
aquarium water also needs to be considered the amount. if we intend to maintain large fish, then the amount of water that is filled in the aquarium must be sufficient.

- Aquarium water quality
aquarium water quality plays a role in maintaining the health of fish that are maintained. Temperature, pH, oxygen in water must be in optimal condition.

- Fish aquarium equipment
there are various types of aquarium equipment, all aquarium equipment has dif…

how to spawn Rasbora fish

how to spawn Rasbora fish

Rasbora fish originated from Malaysia and Indonesia.

the body length of this fish can reach 5 cm.

good water temperature for the maintenance of Rasbora fish is in the range of 22-28 degrees Celsius.

a good water pH value for fish growth is 6.0 - 6.5 and the level of water hardness is around 3 dH.

Rasbora fish are in great demand by fish hobbyists in Europe.

These fish live in groups and will be beautiful if Rasbora fish are kept in groups in an aquarium.

This fish is preferred because it has a beautiful blend of body color.

The front of the body is silvery and the back is dark red.

the difference between male fish and female fish is that the female body is bigger with a faded black color compared to male fish.

fish spawning can be done together with a comparison between male fish and female fish 1: 2-3.

for nests mounted on spawning containers can be in the form of aquatic plants such as algae.

fish spawning can also be done in pairs in small aquariums.