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Kind of a Good Aquatic Environment for Raising Koi Fish

Kind of a Good Aquatic Environment for Raising Koi Fish

Meta description: Different species has a different natural aquatic environment. In this article, we will talk particularly about the type of environment for raising koi fish.

Koi fish are variations of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio). Typical Koi has a white or silver base color with red, gold, black, or orange patterns. It can grow up to 36 inches (91 cm) long. Unlike many pet fish that usually lives a maximum of 10 years, Koi can live for 30 up to 50 years if taken care properly and live in a conditioned environment for raising Koi fish.

Koi fish are generally easy to raise. They are peaceful and love to swim through every level of your pond. They swim at the surface and middle level. Besides, Koi look for food at the bottom in normal temperature and stay at the deeper level of your pond in colder temperature. They form schools between 5 to 15 individuals and swim together.

Tank size
Considering their large size, the …

How to Maintain Different Types of Fish in the Same Aquarium

How to Maintain Different Types of Fish in the Same Aquarium

Meta description: Having various species in the same aquarium will look beautiful to look at, but it’s a challenge when it comes to maintaining fish species in the aquarium.

Have you ever wondered what if a predator fish is put in the same tank of its prey? Will both of them live together happily ever after? Or will it be a hide and seek game to survive in the same tank? Although having different species of fish in the same aquarium looks tempting, it’s better to do researches on each breed’s specific needs and temperament to maintain fish species in the aquarium.

1.Water conditions (pH, temperature, and hardness)
Some fish prefer living in water with cold temperature; some are at a warmer temperature, and others prefer living at a normal temperature. Fish that will live harmoniously in the same tank are those with the same water conditions preference. Thus, they will be all stress-free and healthy in their shared water.


How to Make Fish Food at Home

How to Make Fish Food at Home

Meta description:Each fish species has its own dietary requirements. To ensure that their food meets the requirements, you can try to make fish food on your own.

Do you feel bored if you eat store-bought food for every single meal? If the answer is yes, then so do your finned friends. They may not complain, but it’s better to switch to homemade food once in a while before they get finicky. If you’re still confused about how to make fish food at home, you can follow the steps in this article.

Why bother making homemade fish food?

Despite the store-bought food’s plentiful nutrients and practicality, it is expensive, contains a lot of artificial ingredients, and is not as fresh as the homemade one. If you want to make sure that your fish get the food that suits their diet at a reasonable price, the best option is to make fish food on your own. Besides, doing it might be a lot easier than you’re expecting.

Before we begin...

Before you make fish food, there are sev…