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Flowerhorn fish/Louhan Fish

Tips and Tricks How to Keep Louhan Fish in Aquarium

Louhan became a famous fish because of its charming characteristics. Here are some tips and tricks to provide better habitat for louhan fish in an aquarium.

Simple Steps to Spawn Louhan Fish

Louhan attracts people with its unique body and lovely colors. To get a satisfying result, breeders need to know how to spawn louhan fish correctly.

The Best Type of Louhan Fish Feed

There are several types of food which commonly choose to provide them the best nutrition and gain the best result of color enhancement.

Louhan Fish Diseases and Several Treatments to Cure Them

Louhan fish diseases are mostly caused by the bad quality of water. Knowing the symptoms, causes, and treatments will help you keep your pet fish healthy.

Knowing 7 Mesmerizing Types of Louhan Fish

Louhan fish or commonly known as Flowerhorn is a cross-breeding result of several species of Cichlid. Read on and get to know their types.


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