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Easy Steps for A Successful Betta Fish Spawning

Many people are crazy about betta fish since it has an appealing color that could attract people’s eyes. Moreover, this tropical fish is considered easy to care as it could live in a small aquarium and even a jar with a minimum oxygen supply.

Guppy originally comes from Northeast South America, but it is now found all over the world except Antarctica. This fish has colorful body decorated with spots and stripes. That is why it is also best known as rainbow fish. Because of its lovely appearance, most people love to put it in the aquarium as an ornament fish.

Who does not know Arowana fish? This fish has played a big part in Chinese culture and is believed could bring luck and prosperity to the keeper. Besides its historical background, many people tend to keep Arowana as it has beautiful color and shape. This fish looks perfect to be appreciated when they are kept in an aquarium.

Having discus fish spawned is quite challenging. It will be more challenging for the newbie tropical fish aquarist. It takes time and patience to succeed. The failure may happen at the first time you try to spawn this living creature. Once you succeed, it will be easier for you to handle the process of spawning. Here are some tips to spawn the discus fish briefly.

Seeing the school of colorful and healthy discus fish and its mates swim around in the aquarium is such a healing activity. But, if your discus fish is sick, it is getting troublesome and stressful. Here are seven ways to do the maintenance of the discus fish in the aquarium.

Oscar Fish (Astronotus Ocellatus), a tropical South America origin, is quite popular in many areas such as in Australia, China, and United States. This = is one of the popular fish that many aquarists love to raise in the aquarium.  If you happen to have or plan to have one, here are seven ways to maintain oscar fish in the aquarium.

The oscar fish is well-known as the fish that can breed easily. Therefore, there are many aquarists want to spawn this living creature in the aquarium even though this fish is quite large. Here are some techniques for spawning oscar fish.

Corydoras fish is tropical fish from South America. Many fish hobbyists like breeding this fish. This fish can spawn easily. Here are several tips on spawning corydoras fish.

Spawn the fish molly is not complicated. However, you have to do some steps so that this live-bearer fish will breed the high-quality fry.

For its simple look, fish molly in the aquarium is one of the favorite fish to have. However, you have to take care of it to keep them stunning.

The neon tetra fish color can be dull, so how to keep them colorful? Here are the easy steps to do it

Watching the colorful neon tetra in the aquarium will boost your happiness. But to make them shine bright, you have to take care them well.

More neon tetras, mean more beautiful aquarium. But how to breed the neon tetra easily?


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