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Red Eye Tetra

Feed for Maintenance of Red Eye Tetra Fish 

The Red Eye Tetra fish usually eats a variety of live, fresh and flaky ingredients, as they are omnivorous. Here are feed for maintenance of Red Eye Tetra Fish

All About The Red Eye Tetra Fish Disease 

Anything you add to your tank can introduce Red Eye Tetra Fish disease.

Spawning Red Eye Tetra Fish is a good decision for the starting fish keeper. It is one of the most promptly accessible tetras and bred widely in Asia for the hobby.

You’ll never get tired of learning about the red eyes tetra fish, very well known in todays’ aquariums including the maintenance of red eye tetra fish in the aquarium.

The red eye tetra can tolerance a wide scope of contrasts and changes, since its characteristic environment has water conditions that vacillate much.


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